Sunday, November 07, 2004

Working Opportunity in China!!! HKD35K Per Month!!!

the salient terms & conditions of theemployement contract are as below:

Salary: About HK$30,000 - HK$35,000 per month

Termination: The employment may be terminated with not less than onemonth's notice in writing or payment in lieu of notice on either side

Annual Leave: Fifteen working days paid annual leave each calendaryear

Relocation Assistance: The company will provide an economy one-way airticket for traveling from Malaysia to Shanghai, China at thecommencement of employment.The company will also provide temporary accommodation (room only) foraperiod of up to two weeks whilst permanent accommodation is beingsecured.

Home Trip Allowance: HK$10,000 each calendar year

Medical Cover: Medical cover is provided for consultation, medicationand hospitalization.

All receipts will be reimbursed up to a maximum of HK$460 per visitperday in the PRC/overseas and HK$240 per visit per day in Hong Kong.

The company participates in a Group Hospitalization scheme throughBUPA(Asia) Ltd for all employees to cover the cost of hospitalization inHong Kong. Any hospitalization expenses incurred outside Hong Kongwillbe paid on a reimbursement basisThe medical cover mentioned above does not include dental treatment,maternity or optical services.

Other Benefits: An insurance policy which covers for accidental deathand permanent disability for accidents occurring at the office or at aclient's premises or when commuting between both places.

Office HoursThe Shanghai office works a five-day week, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (withone hour for lunch) from Mondays to Fridays.

Please contact Wai Co Cin (HP: 012-373 2133; email: )

Her Original Message:

Dear All,This is Co Cin, your ex-classmate from Senior Middle 2 Arts andCommerce (2) class.

Just to inform you that I have a friend who iscurrently working with Ernst & Young and will be seconded to itsShanghai branch from the beginning of December. He told me that E&Y,Shanghai branch is currently understaffed as such it is planning torecruit auditors with at least 2 years experience who is well-versedinMandarin. For those of you who intend in working in China in theauditing field, please your resume/curricular vitae to me via e-mailassoon as possible.

My friend, Mr. Mok will forward your resume/CV toE&Y's Head of HR in Malaysia before he leaves for Shanghai. Should yourequire further information, please contact me at 012-373 2133


Wai Co Cin

Friday, November 05, 2004

New Website

The following is the sequence of events:

Mail No 1:
Jimmy Wrote:
Dear golden10yrs mailer,I am Jimmy Koo Jun Meng from SM3 Sc2, I am not interested in working in China, but just wonder are you going to maintain this email address as our method of communication?I have an idea, why don't we set up our own website? Then anyone can post thier message there, job opportunity, selling handphone, selling car, searching lover, etc...I am willing to help in maintaining that website if you think it is a good idea. Hope to hear your reply soon. Thanks.

Mail No 2:
Lu Wrote:
I am totally agreeable with u. But I am more concern with the costs of doing it. And we need a good moderator who has plenty of time to perfect it.Should we open this for discussion?

Mail No 3:
Jimmy Wrote:
Yes, sure, I am glad to discuss with you anytime. I already have a rough idea in mind regarding the cost and the maintainence of the website.Just give me a call if you are interested to discuss with me @ 016-2894990. And hope you bring some of your friend along so that we have more man power.Thanks a lot on your reply.

Mail No. 4:
Lu Wrote:
Hi. I personally opine that if we were to come out w a "website", then it gotta be a zero- cost and hassel free thing. May be a free blog site or website can be an acceptable idea. Sun Tian Yang already has a chinese blog site, we may ask him to maintain the site for us at the beginning. Then for a long- run, different hoster/ content provider / hoster / blogger may come into the picture. The core idea is not ot let the blog/ website become a burden to any one of us.
Of coz, if there are some volunteers willing to take up the responsibilities, be it financial or manpower, then there will be no issue of burden.
Pls let me hv your brief proposal, especially the costs involved. After the gathering, we hv dispense w all the balance and hv no money now. Once both of us hv a clearer picture on this, we may send mass- email to ask for further contribution from 89xxx.TQ.
Note: for leong, tien yang, thye, steve, ken- kok and all other IT/ .com guys & gals- pls refer to the past correspondence between Mr. Jimmy Koo and myself. Please please dont feel hesistate to feed back.

Mail No 5:
Jimmy Wrote:
Dear All,First, thanks for your support and your prompt reply.What I was thinking is we setup our own website. The website will allow whoever graduated from Chong Hwa to sign in. The user may need to be recognized as a Chong Hwa guy/gal before he/she can access the website. We can get Lee Hui Hui's help regarding this, since she is working in Chong Hwa now.
The main purpose of this website is to build a contact info center. It will record down all the personal info and the business info of the user. From business point of view, let say someone is selling a handphone, he/she can post a message and may get a buyer from the web. Or maybe I will offer a web design service, someone can then get to me easily.
Another step on top of the messaging system, we may want to let the current teachers and students in Chong Hwa to be able to login to our system. The students may ask some question regarding thier homework and any of us (including the teachers and their classmate) may answer them.Regarding the cost of hosting a website, it is about RM300~RM400 a year, if we can get about 10 ppl to sponsor on this, it is just RM30 per year per person. For me, I don't mind giving RM30 per year to have this website, anyone of you mind?The only problem here is the effort to build and maintain this website. I would volunteer to build this website, but I need help. If I alone building a website like that, I may need half a year to build it using my free time. Maybe we need to sit down and talk about this? I don't think this problem cannot be solved right? ;)Thanks.Jimmy

Mail No 6:
Law Yee Wei Wrote:
dear all,300~400 per year seems incredibly cheap, if that's the case i don't mind contributing either.however i am not volunteering for any programming work, because i don't have much free time, sorry.regards,yw

Mail No. 7:
Lu Wrote:
Halo. I included some more names into the mailing list to discuss this matter. Newcomers may sort things out by reading the past mails below. The outline of this matter is, in brief, Mr Jimmy Koo proposed to set up a website for 89xxx.
U may include other ppl into the mailing list. The purpose of this discussion group is to come out with a workable proposal before we made any announcement to all 89xxx. Pls click "reply all" or "reply to everyone" when u reply this mail.
Ok, my reply to "RM30 per year" thing is: Cant we do it free of costs? Like registering w or something. The idea of paying, even for one cent, is way too tedeous. To mention the least, what's the mode of payment.
Also, i personally wd like the web/blogsite to be as small as possible, and only limit to 89xxx (defined as 89xxx express class) so as to preserve the elements of friendship and special bonds among us. If the scope of the site is small, then it wd not be economical to invest too much into the website.
To set up a website with input of monies, regardless of the amount, is a very serious issue. I suggest those IT and dot com ppl to form a "dot com committee" to study this.


So now, how it's gonna be?